Advocacy & Policy

The Rhode Island Black Business Association fights for legislation that promotes small business growth, particularly policies that address the challenges of black and minority business owners. We understand the importance of maintaining a bi-partisan approach to advocacy; hence, we are able to collaborate with policy makers from all political affiliations to advocate for those policies that best serve the interest of the Black community.

One of the biggest advantages of being affiliated with the Rhode Island Black Business Association is the camaraderie. Regardless of the size of your business, you can benefit from the advice, tips, and leads that fellow entrepreneurs generously share to help black businesses, as well as other minority owned small businesses, to succeed. So what do RIBBA companies do that other small business entrepreneurs should take note of? They go to networking events sponsored by RIBBA. They share leads to empower fellow members through the leads groups sponsored by RIBBA. In order to expand their knowledge of general business practices, they take workshops, classes and attend seminars sponsored by RIBBA.