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The following committees are open and recruiting members: Sign up now. 

Annual Awards Gala Committee 

The Annual Awards Gala Committee will assist RIBBA in planning its signature event each year, which will be held in October. The awards committee will be responsible for the overall planning and execution of this event.

Communications and Marketing Committee

This committee is responsible for developing online and print marketing strategies to define and promote the RIBBA brand, assist with communications efforts, and develop methods to promote RIBBA members.

Education Committee 

RIBBA Education Committee partners with local schools and universities to assist in preparing students for workforce success, assist in developing and implementing an internship program, and create and host an annual Youth Entrepreneurial workshop.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is primary to provide financial oversight for the organization. Develop budget, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

Fund Development and Fundraising Committee 

The Fundraising Committee works to generate revenue for RIBBA through grants, non-dues revenue opportunities and maximization of current revenue-generating activities.

Membership Committee 

If you like people and helping others to grow their businesses, consider being a part of this committee! The Membership Committee creates and implements programs to increase and maintain membership, explores ways to recognize and acknowledge volunteers, and promotes services offered by RIBBA.

Programs and Business Development Committee

This committee helps RIBBA develop training and educational programs to equip members with the tools and knowledge needed to further their businesses and professions, as well as recruits speakers for our programs.

Public Policy & Government Affairs Committee 

Help RIBBA set the policy moving in the right direction in local, county, state, and federal government by getting involved with the Public Policy Committee. Volunteers will assist in the monitoring of legislation and participate in advocacy efforts on behalf of RIBBA members. RIBBBA manages an aggressive government affairs advocacy program combining research, government relations, and communications.

eMail or call: 401-383-1179.