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Welcome to Rhode Island!

Affectionately known as Little Rhody, Rhose Island is one of the most accessible states within the United States, primarily due to our close proximity to neighboring states. Boston is less than 50 miles away from our northern border; Hartford is less than 50 miles from our southern border; and New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and other New England cities are very accessible from Rhode Island.

Rhode Island, also known as the Ocean State, is the smallest  of all 50 states at only 1200 square miles and is densely populated and highly industrialized. There are very rural areas in Rhode Island as well as booming metropolis areas in Providence and Newport.

Rich in history, Rhode Island was the last state to declare independence from Great Britain in May 1776, and our active preservation societies have ensured the most historic landmarks throughout the state will endure for decades to come.

Whether you are looking to live, work, or visit Rhode Island, the links to the left will help guide you on your journey. RIBBA is here to provide access to local resources. Welcome to the Ocean State, enjoy your stay!


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