The Rhode Island Black Business Association (RIBBA) Celebrates 9th Anniversary.

RIBBA was established in 2011, 9 years ago. We are nine years in business working for you, our members, clients and the community at large.

Wow, RIBBA has reached a milestone on March 30th, celebrating 9 years of business working for the underserved small business community in Rhode Island. The association grew from an idea of Founder/President, Lisa Ranglin who has demonstrated think skin when they some individuals toldher she was wasting her time, we don’t need another Chamber of Commerce in Rhode Island. Of course, Lisa did not listen to those individuals, rather, she made a pledge to herself to find liked-minded individuals to work with her. Lisa committed the startup funds needed to get the organization off the ground.

Now, RIBBA has grown to include trusted advisors, board of directors, consultants and community champions who have dedicated themselves working diligently and creatively with very little to no funding but the Association continue find ways to help entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses achieve their vision by focusing on five critical pillars: Advocacy, Access to Capital, Access to Contract opportunity and technical assistance.

“As the founder of RIBBA, it gives me great pride to be involved and committed to the work and the individuals who benefit from RIBBA’s mission driven work.” This grassroots Association is underfunded and get little support, but we are resourceful, so we continue to work intentionally to break down barriers to opportunities and advocate to level the playing field so small businesses in our beloved state of Rhode Island. RIBBA holds true to its core mission and values to work purposeful for our members and clients who have been left behind historically due to no fault of their own, but due structural racism and unconscious biases.

RIBBA’s solutions are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the business clients and professionals’ members. We meet our clients where they are and partners with them in providing detailed analysis on their business, so we are able to develop customized growth plan for each client based on their stated goals and objectives. Our services are designed to produce maximum results! We/our clients are committed to their success. We are proud of our accomplishment over these past 8 years and fortunate to have had the opportunity to helped over 1600 businesses owners and professionals grow revenue and create jobs and or improve their career trajectory.
We have established model micro lending and tailored technical assistance program, annual awards celebrating recognizing Black excellence in Business, Annual Scholarship Fund, and to date, we have awarded over $35,000 to college bound students.

The future is bright for RIBBA. The Association is actively seeking seasoned board members to add to its roster and our community advisory board.

The Emerging Professionals Program proposal it submitted to the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island. It’s also looking to grow from a grassroots organization, into a widely recognized and respected brand that has the capabilities to identify and remove systemic barriers of race and ethnicity and reduce economic disparities in Rhode Island’s underserved communities.
In addition, we association is accepting new members, donors and sponsors at our www.ri-bba.org

On behalf of everyone we serve, I want to thank you for your recent gift to support the Association. Your generosity helps make it possible for RIBBA to support our community.
With your help, we are able to provide meaningful services to small businesses then grow and create jobs so people can be gainfully employed with the dignity of earning a honest living. We are touching real people’s lives through your gifts and continued support.

We look forward to the continued partnership.
Thank you all for helping us make a difference in the lives of so many Rhode Islanders! Let’s rock on…in the spirit of success!